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Members of VENT Fitness walk through the full glass doors of one of their four locations in the Capital Region for many different reasons. Some are attracted to the eclectic green accent color throughout the gym, some go because of those delicious and nutritious shakes they serve at the Refresh Bar, but most members of VENT Fitness are drawn in by the wealth and breadth of group exercise classes offered and the dedication of VENT Fitness’ staff and personal trainers. As with any brand committed to its members, VENT Fitness is always reinventing itself from the programs and amenities offered at the fitness centers to the physical appearance of the gym. So, in preparation to break ground and reconstruct the gyms in the Capital Region to befit the modern VENT brand, the executive team at VENT thought it necessary for a digital facelift. The goal: translate the in-house experience online. With the 2015 brick-and-mortar ‘ReinVENTion’ in the works, our job was to deconstruct and rebuild VENT Fitness’ website.

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giving an innovative health club a digital makeover

One of the perks of working at boogie is that our team is offered complimentary gym memberships at a fitness center of their choosing, and since 90% of our team members are also VENT Fitness members, our research hours quickly escalated into team workout sessions and brainstorming on VENT’s hydro-massage beds. They may have liked us because our ‘boogie’ green matched theirs, but in order for us to build a better web experience for their members, we needed to actually put in some work. We hit the ground running for a few miles in their gym shoes (ew) to find out what the members’ pain points were when navigating through the website. We broke a sweat in just about every class offered at VENT Fitness (while producing short 6-second clips of each class for the website), we shamelessly utilized every amenity, and facilitated numerous focus groups with past, current, and potential VENT Fitness members. We found that current members struggled to find information on the website and potential members had no idea that VENT offers countless group exercise classes and training sessions for people of any fitness level. We set out to fix that.

There is so much we can say about the reinvention of VENT Fitness’ website but it’d be best to let the work speak for itself…

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