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FlatRate Moving is the largest moving company in New York City with a strong presence on the national and international moving stage as well thanks to their offices and operations out of Los Angeles, San Francisco, Washington D.C., Miami and London.  FlatRate provides value to their customers not only by offering up-front pricing, a moving plan for every budget and packing/un-packing services, but by regularly updating their social pages and blog with useful tips and tricks surrounding such topics as packing, moving, organization and every day household maintenance. boogie was initially asked by FlatRate to create a series of straight forward moving tip videos intended for their YouTube channel, but we envisioned a series more representative of the sense of humor of FlatRate’s print advertisements, television commercials and posts on social media, which is anything but cut-and-dry

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Let’s be honest, the process of packing and moving doesn’t exactly get the average person seriously psyched, in fact most people dread it entirely. To bring packing and moving tips to life we proposed creating characters that were as entertaining as they were informative, a plotline that centered around moving and a script that included moving and packing tips, but dialogue that provided entertainment value in an industry not exactly known for being amusing. Our copywriters got right to work creating a storyline following two college buddies turned roommates on moving day. Mitch and Andy are polar opposites, Mitch being an unreliable mess and Andy playing the role of straight man with a knowledge of practical moving tips. We wrote a script with believable interactions between characters and their environment in their moving situation, and left room for organic banter as the actors we cast each have a background in improvisational comedy.  Though humor is utilized to get and retain the attention of FlatRate’s audience, the real star of the videos are the moving tips included in the script.

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We hired actors to fit the roles of Mitch & Andy, scoured Brooklyn for the perfect apartment to film in and got to shooting on location. In one day we shot almost 4 hours of scripted and behind the scenes footage and took nearly 100 still shots using Mitch & Andy to be turned into FlatRate branded lifehacks that could be shared across all of their social networks. In post-production the extensive footage was condensed into one Mitch & Andy introductory episode that clocks in at around a 3 and a half minute run time, and a shorter more tip focused episode that sets up the format for future installments in the series. In addition to the 2 YouTube videos, 15 “lifehacks” were compiled using 2-3 still shots and formatted for social sharing. With all of the content created we wanted to give Mitch & Andy a place to move in online with FlatRate. We designed and created a custom Mitch & Andy Moving Series page to be incorporated on FlatRate’s current website and serve as a home for the moving tip videos and lifehacks. We embedded the Mitch & Andy Moving Tip videos into the site and integrated share buttons so visitors could easily share Mitch & Andy with their social networks.

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