DIY Costumes: 15 Days ‘Til Halloween

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Halloween costumes seem to get pricier year by year. For that reason, many people are turning to ‘do it yourself’ (DIY) homemade alternatives instead of mass-produced costumes. The DIY approach to Halloween costumes reduces the risk of showing up to a party dressed the same as someone else and can help to lower your costs. While they may appear elaborate, many DIY costumes are simple to assemble with a few household items and inexpensive supplies- such as cardboard. In order to keep FlatRate Moving relevant during the holiday while providing value to the online audience- we wanted to connect the brand with Halloween. FlatRate’s online box store offers a dozen different box options to safely pack and move any item of any size so we decided to create DIY Halloween costume ideas that can be made with a FlatRate box.

DIY Costumes: 15 Days 'Til Halloween flatrate mover

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We aggregated various costumes for adults and children from sources all over the internet and picked each costume apart to determine what items would be needed to successfully create the costume. We designed a branded card which included a photo of the costume and the materials needed including which FlatRate box would be needed. We optimized the dimensions of each image for daily social sharing on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for two weeks leading up to Halloween.

DIY Costumes: 15 Days 'Til Halloween flatrate halloween comp

flatrate_halloween_stats_comp  DIY Costumes: 15 Days 'Til Halloween flatrate halloween stats comp

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