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Most adults know that sleep is just as important as diet and exercise but many people neglect to get enough sleep or a good night’s sleep- and these habits worsen over time. There are many contributing factors to why people don’t get a good night’s sleep but one of the major reasons including anticipation of move day or stress after a big move. However, the main factor lies in the very thing people sleep on every night.

FlatRate Moving can take care of everything involved in scheduling, packing, moving, and unpacking a customers home but they can’t completely ensure a “relaxing” time before, during, and after move day. Enter Casper. Casper is the mattress reimagined and was created around convenience, affordability and overall comfort. As a start-up focused on changing their customer’s life, Casper and FlatRate Moving were a match made on Cloud 9.

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We surveyed various individuals and found that high percentages of people are inclined to listen to music in order to unwind or relax. Studies show that music is effective for relaxation and stress management so we decided to create a playlist on Spotify that we can share with customers who were unwinding after a stressful move or simply trying to get a good night’s sleep before a busy week dedicated to packing.

And then it hit us! We would encourage FlatRate’s fans and followers to help us build the Ultimate Relaxation #PlaylizZzt by contributing the songs they listen when they want to relax. We would require song submission to be shared using with the campaign hashtag: #PlaylizZzt and then we’d randomly select one lucky winner to receive a magical Casper mattress. Casper was stoked to provide a free mattress to our giveaway winner

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The contest was introduced on FlatRate’s blog and was shared all over social media.Submissions began pouring in on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and via blog comments. We aggregated all tweets using the #PlaylizZzt hashtag and tallied 171 song entries with the hashtag garnering 122,963 impressions. The contest blog received 685 visitors during the contest entry period and 72 blog comments. We successfully built the ultimate Relaxation #PlaylizZzt for stress-free listening!

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