Are We Gladiators or Are We Marketers?

ScandalFIX  Are We Gladiators or Are We Marketers? ScandalFIX1

When we moved into our Albany office I convinced Jacques, our Creative Director, to buy an Apple TV device (along with a huge flat screen TV). Why? Well, during our meetings and conferences we’d be able to display what’s on our laptop/iPad/iPhone screens for clients to see. Since we’ve added this to our studio it has enhanced our clients’ experience and helps with collaboration.

Fortunately, the Apple TV (and flatscreen) have multi-uses. Sometimes I use it to stream industry related movies and TV shows while working on strategies for our clients. I’ve watched shows like “The Pitch” and “Mad Men” and movies like “What Women Want.” But my all-time favorite show? Scandal.

Lead actress Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope; a public relations and crisis management professional. She and her team of ‘Gladiators’ get their clients out of all kinds of sticky situations and boast the fact that they fix anything. So, as the series continues and the drama heightens, Scandal has become a staple of Thursday night television. I mean really, who doesn’t watch Scandal?! Those who do watch are faithfully tweeting, posting, sharing, and pinning about it while sipping wine. They’re hooked! Not only because it’s a well written and well executed drama but more importantly the audience is able to connect with the cast and crew through social media. I mean, who wouldn’t feel Twitter famous after tweeting with Kerry Washington or Bellamy Young?

You’re probably wondering what this has to do with marketing. . . Well, besides the fact that ABC’s marketing team is genius beyond measure- watching television and reading are great stimulants for creativity, productivity, and big ideas.

So while I’m preparing myself for the drama-filled season finale and momentarily glancing around our studio office watching the rest of the team work– it hit me! BG fixes things. Maybe not the extreme situations that Pope + Associates have to deal with but we help our clients through just about anything.

Our clients come to us with problems all the time. We’ve helped them through mergers, employee crises, selecting a new name for their company and even naming their newborn (haha, well not actually). I mean, yeah we’re capable of branding + identity design, ui + ux design, responsive web development, and social strategy and all that other good stuff– but, our most important asset is that we’re human and we understand business. So when our clients have a problem, we make sure “it’s handled!”

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