Engagement With Autoplay Videos is Soaring on Social Media

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Twitter is steering its autoplay capabilities into uncharted territory by allowing advertisers to drive app installs straight from promoted autoplay videos and send engagement soaring.

“The union of video and a call to action—driving app installs—that’s new,” said Twitter’s VP of Global Business Development and Platforms, Richard Alfonsi. “It’s an immersive experience to have video directly in the tweet. It creates great performance and lets marketers convey a lot more about what the app does.”

Twitter is beefing up its autoplay video functionality to keep up with the rise of native video on social media and compete with the likes of Facebook which has already introduced extensive video ad units.

Twitter is now ready to serve autoplay video, which has the potential to change up the experience on the platform with richer and more engaging media. Autoplay video is the new norm on social media and is a feature that is backed almost unanimously by advertisers and brand publishers who reap the benefits of being able to distribute more robust, engaging and  impactful content on platforms.

One advantage of Twitter over rivals on social media? High standards (vieawability standards that is). Twitter has publicly vowed to charge solely for video ads that have been seen in their entirety by users.

“We’re putting this standard of 100 percent viewability in place because we think it’s simply the right thing to do,” senior product manager at Twitter, David Regan, wrote in the company’s latest blog announcement released Tuesday morning. “If a video is not 100 percent in view, we don’t think an advertiser should be charged.”

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For months Twitter has been testing and tweaking autoplay styles, consulting marketers every step of the way to optimize features for peak brand performance and improve the accuracy of engagement metrics.

“During the autoplay tests we ran, we saw people engaging with videos in this new format at a much higher rate, and our brand and publishing partners saw improved view rates,” says Regan. “All of this resulted in lower cost-per-views for marketers and increased video recall by consumers.”

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