Music You Can Listen to at Work That Won’t Get You Fired

sfw-tunes safe for work music Music You Can Listen to at Work That Won't Get You Fired sfw tunes

Don’t get us wrong, we love JT just as much as anyone, but the office isn’t always the most appropriate setting to bring “SexyBack”.  Let’s face it, the sound of “safe for work music” isn’t exactly sexy but communal tunes don’t have to be elevator music either.

At boogie we keep the speakers pumping throughout the day to keep us on our creative grind.  We know nothing can throw you off your groove mid-meeting quite like hearing Drake drop the “F” bomb or Usher recounting his romantic escapades in graphic detail for all your coworkers and clients to hear.

Paying homage to the summer success of Michael Jackson’s “Love Never Felt So Good” we decided to inject a little old school sound into our office and put together a Spotify playlist of funky, safe for work music you can groove to guilt-free throughout the week.

Listening to safe for work music has never felt so good.

Follow boogie on Spotify to see just how many times we’ve listened to “Let It Go” lately.

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