To Post or Not to Post? That is The Social Question

toomuchposting  To Post or Not to Post? That is The Social Question toomuchposting

Truth is, every “expert” opinion on this topic is going to reveal a different answer. It’s kind of like asking someone, “should I invest in a whole life or a term plan?” That being said, my response to this question is based solely on personal experiences. My work with social media ranges from posts and tweets for personal accounts, non-profit, educational, business, and campaign accounts.

My best advice to struggling online communicators is to focus less on the frequency of your posts. Setting a goal of 3 tweets a day, and one Facebook post a day may sound reasonable, but it doesn’t have any real value. It’s kind of like going on a tangent on a term paper just to meet the minimum page requirement.

Social Media Marketing is more about posting engaging content, rather than the frequency of your posts.

Here are a few insights on posting to different platforms:


If you have 10 great things to tweet today, there’s nothing wrong with tweeting all 10 of them. Especially if they are news related and will become irrelevant in a couple hours. If you only have 2, then that’s all you should post. With this logic it may sound like it’s ok to not tweet for a day or two as well, but if you can’t find at least one good thing to tweet about every day, you are not looking in the right place… Here’s a hint: #Google.

If you’re like me your tweet frequency dies down over the weekend. Social tools like Hootsuite can change that. Posts/tweets can be scheduled in advance to keep your conversations going long after you leave the office.


The approach to this site is very similar to twitter. It’s more important to ensure you are posting business/professional information, rather than worrying about frequency. Many people use LinkedIn as their primary sales tool to post on one or two specific topics and that’s it. Most people/brands generally post before 8AM.


Facebook posts are unique. If you’re posting from a business account, rarely is it a good idea to post more than once a day. Keep in mind- many of your consumers go on Facebook to chat with friends and criticize profile pictures. Not to learn “how to…” or hear “10 things…” In order to become an *affective* Facebook marketer, you must first realize this platform is used on your consumers down-time.

Sometimes it can take quite awhile to come up with a quality Facebook post. I usually like to post about positive interactions I had with a client (with their permission), employee, or event I’ve attended. This is a long way of saying posting 2-3 times a week- up to once a day- is usually appropriate for Facebook. If you notice an increased amount of people un-liking your page, it’s time to consider changing your frequency and/or content.


The more the merrier! I make it a point to upload at least one or two videos a month but if you can do more GO FOR IT!! Youtube is the number 2 search engine behind Google, (it’s also owned by Google) so even an OK video, can do wonders to a site’s #SEO efforts.

Vine, Instagram, and Pinterest:

Similar to Youtube, don’t be afraid of posting too often.  These social sites are geared towards your overactive photographic obsessions.

Thanks for reading! Be sure to check in next week to find out which of these platforms work best for you.

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