Why Millennials See Right Through Your Brand

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Back in the day there was a little core value in business called privacy—you may have heard of it. Matters of privacy typically conjure up images of thick manila folders with large red letters spelling “CONFIDENTIAL” plastered across them, scandalous political affairs that go unseen on Capitol Hill and underhanded instances of wheeling and dealing behind closed doors in business (and you can thank Netflix and Shonda Rhimes for perpetuating these ideas).

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The fundamental values millennials hold dear lie less in how we conduct ourselves privately as people, but rather how we do publicly: partner to partner; agency to client; employee to employer, customer to provider, person to world, and have ignited a shift from previous enclosed business models to companies operating under the policies of a more open and modern concept referred to as transparency. At boogie, our agency follows transparency guidelines both internally and externally with clients and on social media, which keeps our work culture engaging, exciting and typically scandal-free (well… almost scandal-free #ohchute).

With us, no news is bad news. We are used to getting answers and finding things quickly and seamlessly. Those of us that make up Gen-Y all hold honorary degrees from Google University and we’ve grown accustomed to having the world at our fingertips and seemingly unlimited access to peeks behind the curtains of brands and businesses.
wizard-behind-curtain1 millennials Why Millennials See Right Through Your Brand wizard behind curtain1Millennials not only expect but practically demand transparent interactions with brands; we have little patience for brands who won’t put up but don’t shut up on social media. Us millennials can smell bullshit a mile away and will call it out on Twitter in an instant without so much as batting an iPhone. We share everything on social from our stance on current events to our opinion on Queen Bey’s Met Gala gown (#flawless) to what we had for lunch today (which was most likely Chipotle).

The promise of transparency by brands can often appear to be a front or ploy just to stay away from appearing too salesy on social media, but genuine positivity and inclusiveness are the values that millennials respond to most.

Genuine positivity and inclusiveness are the values that millennials respond to most. Click To Tweet

Hang out your laundry, dirty or clean – whether it is good or bad news, if it impacts your brand positioning, it needs to be known. No secrets on social media, because everybody knows secrets don’t make friends (or followers, fans, likes, retweets, reblogs, reposts or pins).

Millennials value brands that are forward facing and adhere to transparent business practices. Brands and businesses that can’t be bothered to represent themselves transparently? We don’t understand them, and we definitely don’t have the time to dig past the first page of Google search results to get to the bottom of them.

Millennials value brands that are forward facing and adhere to transparent business practices. Click To Tweet

Your brand doesn’t need to be laundering money, dumping toxic waste into oceans or taking candy from babies to be considered a questionable brand to millennials, all you need is an outdated Facebook page or a private Instagram account and you’ll appear shady enough.

As for me? The only private matter I’ve handled at boogie was creating our privacy policy (which can be found at the bottom of our site, if you’re into that sorta thing).

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