4 Things You Need To Know To Keep a Marketing Job

4 Things You Need To Know To Keep a Marketing Job keepmktjob1

There’s a big difference between someone who can “land” a job, and someone who can “keep” a job. If you ever get a chance, Google “how to land a marketing job” (with the quotation marks) and then right after, search for “how to keep a marketing job” (again, with the quotation marks). You’ll be surprised to see that there aren’t many hits for how to keep a marketing job.

This may be because it is generally assumed that if you can land the job, you obviously can keep it, right? Well, not exactly. Landing a marketing job is important, but keeping one is critical; but, many people don’t know how to accomplish the latter.

Boogie Graphics is a boutique digital marketing agency. We help businesses communicate their awesome products and services via digital and social media marketing. As the owner of Boogie Graphics, I’m always looking for fresh faces, unmatched creativity, and new talent to help us do just that. With online template cover letters and resumes, we meet great “paper” candidates all the time and they may even give us a stellar interview, but unfortunately, they don’t always last.

In response to this, I’ve compiled a list of some things that will be useful in helping someone actually “keep” a marketing job.

1. Be Open Minded

You may start a new job where they do things a little differently from your last. The culture may be different, their methods may seem unorthodox, and you may not necessarily agree with the company’s overall message. But here’s a news flash, every company is different and if you think different equates to wrong, chances are, it’s not them, it’s YOU.

So, be open-minded. Get excited to experience this new creative culture. Questions go a long way! It may be beneficial to ask questions about the company’s color scheme, the reason behind their furniture placement and design, and even why their logo appears in some places but not in others. These are questions that will help you to understand not only the physical makeup of a company’s culture, but the psychological makeup as well. Get into your Creative Director/CEO’s head. Start and/or join the conversation. This will help you to assimilate into the new culture in no time!

2. Be Opinionated

No one likes a “YES” man. In this industry, young entrepreneurs and millenials are more appreciated than their older counterparts. Companies are even hiring pop singers to be their their creative directors. Bottom line: stop biting your tongue and agreeing with everything, this is the perfect time to have an opinion and to amplify your creative voice. If your thoughts and opinions are not missed during meetings and conference calls, they surely won’t be missed when you’re gone.

3. Be Honest

“To thine ownself be true” –William Shakespeare

It is extremely important to first be honest with yourself, and only then can you truly be honest with your employer. Marketing 101 speaks about “up selling” not “overselling”. The worst thing an employee can do is to be deceitful in his/her qualifications.

In the marketing world ideas and strategies are being bounced off of one another all the time. Imagine having a colleague pass the ball (idea) to you, hopeful that you can make the shot (close the sale) from the 3-point line with only 3 seconds left on the shot clock but then your coach (employer) notices that your posture and form (supposed qualifications) do not match up with your shooting average (experience on your resume). With only 3 seconds on the shot clock, there is no time, it’s now or never. And because you were not completely honest about who you were on paper, the company’s “now” becomes your “never” and… YOU’RE OUT! (Oh, that’s baseball… well, you get the point.)

4. Be Human

If you can’t be any of the above, the least you can be is human. Personality sells! It sucks because it’s difficult to teach someone how to be personable. Either you are or you aren’t. You may not be the best at time management, or the most professionally polished, but a great personality can go a long way. We like to say people do business with people, not fact-spewing robots. It’s important to understand that we are brand ambassadors for the companies we work for. Therefore, be human: it’s the only way to relate to those you work with and for.

Just remember, it’s important to expand your mind and express your opinions. “Yes” men are out of style and a closed mind is deficient in creativity. Maintaining honesty and personality creates a bond between the employer and the employee deeming him/her a valuable asset to the company’s identity. So do yourself a favor, once you land that marketing job, try following these tips and you’ll find keeping it will become second nature.

If you think you have mastered all of the above and you’d like to join the BG Team, contact us.

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