Was I Targeted by Warby Parker on Facebook for Being Handsome?

Handsome  Was I Targeted by Warby Parker on Facebook for Being Handsome? Handsome

Recently I had an argume- er, conversation with a fellow entrepreneur about whether or not Facebook ads actually work.

I mean, it’s not like they’re not right in front of our faces, except who the heck is actually looking at them? They’re always on the side of our screens but do we even see them? Some ads claim to be suggestions from our friends but, seriously, do we care? We may have even accidentally clicked one or two of them, but then just as quickly, we clicked on our browser’s back button. So, the real question is, do they actually work?

Well, I think so

. . . and I have a story that’ll prove my friend wrong.

For those of you who know me, you know my curly mohawk hairstyle is my signature look. But lately I’ve been trying to add more to my style so I decided to get some large-frame eyeglasses.

You see, when you’re in the business of creatively servicing clients you tend to put everything for yourself on the back burner. So like everyone else, I’d been procrastinating on ordering my new frames.

A few months had passed since I decided I wanted new glasses but the other day, while I was chatting on Facebook, it hit me. . . I was targeted!

It was the most beautiful thing I’d EVER seen. Right before my eyes was a pair of sleek, large, and round Warby Parker frames. It was like the ad knew me, it displayed the exact style of glasses I was looking for. And best of all: it was just one click away.

In that moment Warby Parker used Facebook’s social advertising platform to target me. Facebook is the trendsetter for social advertising. It allows you to target certain people based on age, work, location, interests, and more!

In this case, the Warby Parker ad was probably targeted to males, interested in fashion and entertainment, and who are ages 18-35. . . and most likely handsome (that is an option, right?).

Intrigued by the personalized ad, I clicked on the link to look at my future glasses. Warby Parker even had a cool tool that allowed me to upload a photo and virtually try them on.

This experience proves that YES, Facebook ads do work. And the reason is this: Facebook’s display ads operate based on the concept of print billboards- they both require consistency. Often times, the first encounter you have with an ad, it may not matter to you at that moment. The difficult thing for us social marketers is- as much as we can predict people’s behaviors, we can never be 100% accurate. You never know when someone is actually going to be in search of your product or service (in this case glasses), so the best thing you can do is be consistent and keep running those ads!

And as for that friend of mine, well, we’re now working on a social advertising strategy for him.

Do you have any experience with Facebook ads? I’d love to hear about it in a comment below.

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