A Millennial’s Guide to Crafting Your Brand’s Voice on Social Media

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Sunday nights are meant for total relaxation – a few Sundays ago was no different.

I was curled up on my love seat watching Time Warner Cable News when a unique segment caught my attention. This news story highlighted boogie – a disruptive design-driven, full service creative and social media agency, one that claimed to be totally laid back and undoubtedly, love what they do.

I got nothing but positive vibes from this ‘boogie’, and because positivity in the news is so rare these days, this specific segment stood out like an Android in an Apple store (haha). This segment was full of vibrant colors, fun faced Yogibos and a variety of young faces.

By the end of the segment I was completely and utterly hooked. I Googled their Albany location, and despite it being 11:30 pm, I immediately called and left an enthusiastic voice mail. As evidence of my excitement, the message was full of rambled thoughts and one very incorrect cell phone number (talk about making a first impression… yikes).

As I patiently awaited a response from my follow up email, I continued to gather as much information about boogie as I could. So much so, I think I might have become a tad bit obsessed even. I Googled the company approximately four times a day, and checked my email at least six (okay, maybe I actually was obsessed with boogie).

Starting my internship was a bit intimidating. Since I’m a broadcast communications major, I knew little to nothing about the world of social media marketing. But, I knew social media and hoped that would be enough. From the moment I entered the boogie green office, I immediately felt welcomed by the openness and diversity .

I came in for my very first interview wearing the most vibrant sweater I own and entered the boogie green office with nothing but an iPhone, a smile, and an extremely active twitter account. boogie’s Content Strategist, Casey Fisk had Googled me and saw I had 20K tweets and instead of being totally freaked out, she was… impressed. “You must be tweeting right now just to keep up with that!,” were her actual words. I then sent in some writing samples (revolving around social media of course) and was asked to return for a brainstorming session.

Soon afterwards I was invited to fulfill my internship requirements at boogie!! dancing girl emoji

A little background on me – I am 20 years old (born in 1995). This pretty much means for my entire life I’ve developed simultaneously with technology. First flip phones, then iPods, next were smart phones… and now my generation gets to partake in yet another technological era: the obsessive use of social media.

I guess what I’m saying is, me having 20K tweets is not my fault! My generation doomed me to be a certifiable tweetaholic. But actually, I think my technologically advanced birth time is what got me an internship at a social media agency in the first place.

In my eyes, boogie figured “okay this she Instagrams a lot, and she Snapchats a lot and she tweets, lot..how can this translate into a Community Manager position, and what is the most important skill we will have to teach her?”

Well, In the month that I have been interning for boogie I have found the most important Community Management skill is adapting to your brand’s voice and being one with your company.

What is Your Brand’s Voice Anyway?

To start off, your brand’s voice is described as your brand’s personality. For example, boogie is a lively, witty and humorous brand so our online voice consequently reflects that.

Originally I was totally freaked out by the idea of speaking in one specific voice or tone all of the time, but then I thought wait, everyone has their own personal brand’s voice.

I tweet multiple times a day and each tweet is an example of my brand’s voice and is in my own brand tone. So, in reality doing this for a company wouldn’t be insanely different.

It’s important to remember your brand’s voice is displayed in more than just one conversation. Every time you post something on social media or even when sending out a weekly email to your subscribers, mastering your brand’s voice on all channels is crucial.

Your brand’s voice is your way of effectively communicating with your brand’s audience.

Your brand's voice is your way of effectively communicating with your brand's audience. - via @weareboogie Click To Tweet

Normally speaking like someone else is something I would frown upon. I’m one of those “individuality is best” spokeswomen. But, boogie taught me the importance of being able to craft and adapt to your brand’s voice – one that people feel welcomed by.

Why Does Your Brand’s Voice Matter?

This is all important stuff because not only are you using your voice to effectively engage with your brand’s audience, but you are using your social media voice to create a cycle of possible marketing opportunities.

If customers feel connected and not targeted by your company they are more willing to talk about you (and remember in the social media realm gossip is good).

When engaging through social media...it's about overall connection. - via @weareboogie Click To Tweet

How Do You Develop Your Brand’s Voice?

There are 3 keys elements to consult when crafting a brand’s voice for successful engagement on social media.

  1. Conversation:
    Being a Community Manager means being involved in a lot of conversation, which means your brand’s voice must match the personality of your brand.
  2. Community:
    It is important to truly understand the demographic of your community. This well help you determine your brand’s voice allowing your brand to connect with your community members in a way that seems appealing to them.
  3. Culture:
    Your companies culture is the makeup of your company. Your companies culture should answer questions like… Where did your company come from? Why is your company here? And, what can you do that the others just like you can’t?

The answers to these questions are extremely important because your specific brand culture may be the reason one customer chooses you over your competitor.

It’s important that when you’re using these 3 key elements to develop your brand’s voice and engage through social media that you remember to be completely human. In this day and age consumers don’t want to hear the same computer generated blurb about your company. They want live interactions from a real, friendly person.

Jay Baer said it best, “Don’t just give your customers something to talk about, give them somebody to talk about

Throughout my month at boogie, I’ve developed a definition for the position of Community Manager: someone who represents your company on many different platforms of social media. This person is someone who is excited to make your company their central topic of discussion every day.

As my time at and various conversations about our agency continue, I find myself more and more intrigued by boogie’s varied skills and team’s personalities.

So I guess it’s fair to say, I’m on the right track to being a real, boogie Community Managerlargest smiling face emoji

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