Inspired by the causes we love. Created to help non-profits we care for fulfill their mission.

Behind the disruptive social campaigns and our bright green walls is a group of young, vibrant, passionate and caring individuals who love giving back to our communities. We’ve spent the past 3 years growing, as an agency and working on some exciting campaigns with some really exciting companies— and while we truly enjoy the work that we do, we’re passionate about making a difference.


boogie cares was conceptualized because our team is all about putting our skills to use for causes that we believe in. Our team is made up of a handful of spunky millennials and we love to partner with organizations who have an impact on young people. The goal of boogie cares is to partner with qualified non-profit organizations and help them communicate their message, amplify their cause, and ultimately fulfill their mission– with pro-bono services.

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Here’s how it works

Each year, we will extend our team and services to two qualifying non-profit organizations to help them fulfill their mission through marketing. Whether the mission is to provide access to food and resources for hungry children or help at-risk youth with their academic and career oriented aspirations, boogie cares would like to assist your organization amplify its message and make a difference in the world.


The duration of each boogie cares initiative will be six (6) months. Throughout the 6-month period our team will collaborate with yours in order to translate your mission into tangible marketing objectives. Once we have established objectives we will help you communicate your mission creatively with your audience by creating a marketing strategy and initiatives tailored to meeting your goals. We will be creating at least one major campaign along with any other congruent tangential campaigns needed to fully realize your mission’s objectives.

Qualifications (required)

– Must be a 501(c)(3) organization
– Marketing budget should not exceed 5k/month
– Must be operational for at least 2 years
– Must have a functioning website
– Must be open to disruptive ideas

boogie cares Capabilities

– Viral video production
– Social media strategy
– Brand design
– Ui/ux design
– Micro-content creation

– Influencer marketing
– Crowdfunding campaigns
– Marketing consultation
– Media relations

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