3 Engaging Marketing Methods to Reach the Elusive Millennial

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Apparently Millennials are the new topic of discussion, and if I may speak on behalf of Millennials…frankly, I’m flattered.

Google defines the term ‘Millennial’ as someone who has reached adulthood around the year of 2000 (i.e. myself).

According to npr, Millennials make up about 80 million of the worlds population and together, we are spending over $1 trillion a year (ah, no wonder marketers are obsessed with us)

Nowadays it seems as if brands will do anything to find out the secret to connecting with us. Well here’s a secret…its not as hard as it seems. Millennials engage with the newest trends on the latest technology. So, the best way to connect with us, is to use the platforms we connect on (Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Snapchat).

The truth is, I put little thought into how brands are engaging with us online, specifically on Twitter. So my eyebrows can’t help but raise slightly when Pepsi jumps into a Twitter conversation between my best friend and I like… HOW DID YOU KNOW I WAS THIRSTY?!

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And although I thoroughly appreciate having to look no further than the first page on Google for an answer, I’ll be honest and say I was clueless on how Google organizes their thousands of result options.

But, now that I’m an intern at boogie I know what you Marketers are doing…and yes, you are indeed slightly slick. I bashfully plead guilty to being fooled into Millennial Marketing.

With this being said, the techniques Millennials fail to realize exist as actual “marketing techniques” are the ones your brand should probably consider adopting.

So, here’s my take on the top three Millennial Marketing techniques…

1. Engagement Marketing

The best way to “advertise” to Millennials is to connect with us on social media. To us, connecting on social media is no different than connecting in person. So, just as you would IRL, If you want to engage with us on social media you have to listen to what we are talking about, or give us a reason to want to communicate with you (*ahem* by creating great content). The key to creating great content? One word: visuals. Visuals are continuously proving to create more success in reaching the Millennial demographic. So, when  creating content on social media, include gifs, videos, photos and infographics to better engage your audience. Additional advice from a Millennial to brands: share stuff we want to share! If so, we will RT, favorite, and like it quicker than the epic #TheDress.

2. Encourage User Generated Content

In a SocialChorus survey, 91% of Millennials admitted their friends recommendations in regards to a specific product significantly increased their possibilities of social sharing, product reviewing, and an actual purchase of that product. So, if you-marketers, can get us-Millennials to think your brand is as awesome as you think it is, we will post, tweet and share about it without any nudging from you! This discovery allows companies to market with Millennials rather than to them. By encouraging customers to share product purchases and reviews on social media, we are advertising for you (pretty cool, huh?) With this in mind, remember not everyone is going to be a huge advocate for your brand (it would be unrealistic to think otherwise). This consequently requires you to check comments and reviews daily using any negative feedback as an opportunity to improve customer relations.

3. Marketing Through Music

Millennials are an amazingly “cause oriented demographic” and music is an extremely influential connector that promotes engagement in society. So linking marketing with music seems like a no brainier when a brand wants Millennials to take some sort of action. An additional (not so) secret about Millennials is we are extremely emotional. We want to feel thrilled, nervous, heartbroken, excited and scared. Lucky for marketers, music creates an immediate emotional connection which allows for an extremely influential marketing opportunity.

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So if you’re looking for advice on marketing to Millennials, here’s some straight from the Millennial’s mouth – engage with us on social media, encourage us to review products, and utilize music we love when marketing to us! We are social individuals, so if ya want to connect with us, you’re gonna have to socialize with us!

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